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REO Databases

Our REO company database has profiles of banks, asset management companies and other REO sellers.  We provide details about the company and where to register to do business with them.

Instant Access

You can get started right now building your business with the REO Agent Society.  No need to wait for the next conference or do extensive online research and mind-numbing cold calls.  Join now for instant access.

Ongoing Newsletter

REO Agent Society members receive our ongoing newsletter.  The newsletter highlights the best of REO as well as features new additions to the database.  Don’t miss a single new opportunity.  You’ll stay on top by reading our newsletter.

New REO Agents

The REO Agent Society offers our members access to the information and resources you need to build your business. With significant detail on the top REO listing sources, broker price opinion companies and client referral sources, you are moments away from growing your business.

Experienced Agents

Listings are foundational to an expansive real estate business. If you are looking to building your listing inventory, bank owned properties could be a great fit. Corporate sellers are continuing to onboard new agents to increase service levels in their portfolio.  Our database of REO listing companies provides you details on where to register to receive bank-owned and foreclosure listings. Build your listing inventory with bank owned properties. Learn where to register to receive listings and what to expect from REO Sellers.

Membership Benefits

REO Listings

REOAS provides a database of REO listing sources for our members.  If you are looking for additional listing sources, the REOAS database will assist you in finding listings.

Referral & Relocation Companies

The REOAS database includes companies who refer clients to agents for a referral fee. Expand your REO business with referrals to clients in your market. Referral companies can be the perfect addition to a REO listing portfolio.

BPO Providers

REOAS can help you build a Broker Price Opinion business with our database of BPO providers that assign business to agents.  Earn extra income providing valuation reports.

Access Anytime

In the past, REO business building had to be done at conventions and through networking.  Although still valuable, the REO Agent Society is available to you at anytime by just logging in to your secure site.

Community Comments

Want to know whether or not its a good idea to register with a certain company?  Read the profile comments from other real estate agents to get a real world view.  Have something to share?  Add your thoughts in our private community.

Tools & Tips

REO listings are data intensive.  With our tools and reviews, you can drive efficiency in your REO listing business.  Build your business without adding additional resources.



Professional Member

Price: $89/year

Our professional plan provides all access to REOAS including the listing sources, referral companies and BPO databases. This plan is for the agent that is serious about super-charging their business.

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