General Topics

Does REOAS assign listings?

No, REO Agent Society does not directly assign listings.  We provide a database of companies who do work with agents as listing agents for their properties.  We are not directly affiliated with any of these companies.

Can I promote my listings to REOAS members?

REOAS is probably not the best place to market your listings.  Our members are generally other agents also looking to build their business.  Be sure to check out the marketing area of REOAS for some great places to promote you and your business.

Can REOAS provide details about a specific property?

No, REOAS does not maintain a property database of individual properties.

Site Issues

Who do I contact with site issues?

Please reach out to us via our contact page to report any issues with using the REOAS site.

Is there an REOAS app for my phone/tablet?

No, REOAS does not have an app however our website is mobile-friendly.  You should be able to access the site on your phone or tablet.

Do I need special software to access REOAS?

No, the REO Agent Society is web-based and is available to access with your internet browser of choice.

Membership Levels

How much does REOAS membership cost?

Membership in the REO Agent Society costs $89.95/year.  There are no additional fees.  The membership cost includes unlimited access.

Other Questions