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Build your real estate business now with new clients.  Grow your client list with listings from REO sellers and online referrals.

If you are an adept real estate professional looking to take your real estate business to the next level, you need to be a part of the REO Agent Society.  The REO Agent Society is a community of like minded real estate brokers and agents who are committed to excellence in building their business with non-traditional real estate sources.

  • Banks and asset management companies
  • Outsourcers and auction environments
  • Relocation and referral companies
  • Broker price opinion companies
  • Innovative marketing concepts
  • Service companies, hard money lenders and more

Member Benefits

REO Database

Learn what banks and asset management companies are giving listings for corporate owned properties.  Direct links of where to register and with what companies.

Outsourcer & Auction Database

Sell more homes with on-market and off-market inventory.  Access our complete database of auction companies and outsourcers.

Referral & Relocation Database

Be the local go-to agent for referrals.  Learn more about the companies doing business on a referral basis with our database of company profiles.  Register for new business with these direct links.

Broker Price Opinion Database

Earn extra income by providing valuation reports for banks, asset management companies and outsourcers.  Join the agent panel of leading broker price opinion companies by registering with direct links.

Innovative Marketing Concepts

Learn about the newest marketing concepts in real estate.  Beat your competition by being the first to market with new ideas.  Join our database of affiliation companies to be the local agent resource.

Private Community

Share your experience and learn from the experience of other agents in a non-public forum.  Learn what companies should be on your must-work-with list and which to avoid.

Recession-proof your business!

– REO Listings Are The Perfect Solution To A Down Market –

Why Join The REO Agent Society

Save Time With Client Reviews

REOAS has company profiles and direct registration links to build your business.

If you are looking to build your listing inventory from banks and asset management companies, registering to do business with each is imperative.  The REO Agent Society provides details on the prevalent companies who are assigning properties to agents.  In addition we provide a direct link to their registration page (where available).  REOAS makes it easier to find and register to work with new clients.

Implement New Ideas

Build new revenue streams into your real estate business by implementing new tactics.

There are new referral businesses and client concepts almost daily in the real estate industry.  The REO Agent Society stays up-to-date on new opportunities and provides details to our members.  Do more business by implementing new strategies and working with new partners.  REOAS makes it easier to identify and develop new client concepts. 

Share Your Experience

Utilize the REOAS community for additional resources in building your business.

All REO clients are not created equal.  Agents can expect to have different experiences with each company.  The REO Agent Society allows members to comment on company posts and share their experiences and questions for other members. REOAS helps make individual experiences better with member sharing. 

Join The REO Agent Society Now

Don't wait any longer to grow your business

The REO Agent Society is your guide!

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